Having chosen a marine career as your field of work, here is some information to help make your search. You are determined to find a job at sea then we offer you a suitable option for that a Career for Electro Technical officer.

An Electro Technical Officer is most important people on a vessel, especially when it comes to his expertise of handling electrical equipment of the vessel. As an electro technical officer, main duty is would be to ensure functioning and maintenance of electrical equipments on vessel.

An electro technical officer handles so many responsibilities on vessel mainly related to electrical systems. Like most jobs at sea, as a ship officer handling electronics on a vessel, you are likely to work under a chief engineer who supervises everything on a ship. And while under a chief engineer,.

It is a challenging job when compared to a shore based engineer in terms of technology, operations and management. Hence, the job attracts good salary packeges at par with international standards with a global career opportunities. An electro technical officer gets suitably rewarding shore jobs commensurate to his sea experience.